Current BBQ Catering Menu

From Scratch Sides
*Sliced Cucumber rounds w/dill cream spread
& smoked salmon
*Fresh sliced Veggie tray w/ smoky ranch dip
*Black cherry chipotle meatballs
*BBQ cocktail sausages
*Creamy Buffalo shredded chicken dip or Creamy Cheesesteak dip
*Beer Boiled Peel & Eat shrimp w/ spicy cocktail sauce
*Hand Rolled Cheesesteak eggrolls or Buffalo Chicken eggrolls w/spicy ketchup or blue cheese
Creamy Macaroni & Cheese w/ ritz crackers
(jalapeno upon request)
Warm cheesy potato casserole w/ potato chip crumble
Fresh cucumber tomato dill salad
Sweet vinegar coleslaw
Cold German potato salad w/ bacon
Corn/Cilantro black bean salad w/ lime dressing
freshly prepared garden salad w/ homemade dressings
Smoked Pit Beans w/ Bacon ends
Main Meats
Texas Style Beef Brisket (sliced or chopped)
Sweet Rubbed St. Louis Pork Ribs
Peachwood Smoked Pulled Pork
Freshly Seasoned/Grilled 1/4 Chicken
  Smoked Texas hot sausage or mild italian w/peppers & onions
Smoked Chicken Wings
Fried or Grilled- Buffalo, Habanero Hot, or Sweet BBQ
w/ homemade blue cheese 
*Reverse Seared Prime Rib (carving station avail) *Add $3 per person
*Smoked River Salmon w/honey mustard glaze served with chilled Dill Cream
*Add $2 per person
From Scratch Crabcakes
w/homemade tartar sauce
*Add $2 per person
(20 person minimum)

*minimum 7 day notice please

choose any 2 sides
choose any 2 sides
choose any 2 sides
-Appetizers are $3 pp w/ any meat combo
-Individual App trays are $6 pp 
-Additional Sides are $2 pp 
-Desserts avail upon request $3 pp
*Rolls available upon request
*Delivery/Dropoff Charge add $20*

Whats included?

~Disposable Plates/napkins/plasticware

~Disposable Steamer trays/2hr fuel provided (add $10 for 6 hr fuel)

~BBQ sauces

**In addition to our listed items we are able to accommodate other types of catering options for many different types of events. (Grilled steaks, seafood boils, clambakes, hamburger/hotdogs, specialty tacos, italian pastas, etc). We can also accommodate Vegan & Vegetarian needs. Please feel free to inquire about any options that would be specific to your event. 

**Our private Catering services and pop-up dining is extremely limited at this time, due to our efforts in setting up and preparing our second location. 

We thank you for all of the support and can't wait until you can enjoy our new menu/location. Follow our social media accounts for updates.

Thank you, we will get back to you within 24 hours.