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What's....uh...the deal? 
Starting around 2008 I set out to learn how to prep, cook, and serve proper wood smoked barbecue. After a few years of competing in northeast competition barbecue tournaments, I really began to realize the lack of real wood smoked barbecue in our area.
 We are lucky to have partnered with, what I consider, the best distillery in town-Triple Sun Spirits. We are happy to serve awesome food with incredible hand crafted cocktails and local beers and have plans to create something really unique & awesome in the area. Our goal is simple, create the best authentic barbecue around. 

What type of Barbecue do we serve?

 All American. Our recipes are what we consider the best combined styles of barbecue found all around this nation. From our Texas style salt & Pepper Beef Brisket to our ridiculously tender Carolina style pulled pork, we feel that all of our recipes represent the very best parts of barbecue from all over the country. We use a combination of peach, apple, and white oak split log and our methods are traditional low and slow cooking process.

Why are you always sold out of  certain items? 

Selling out is a good thing, at least regarding Barbecue. This means everything is fresh, all the time. We only make what we are capable of smoking with proper attention. Rather than jam pack our smokers and start slacking on quality, wed rather offer the very best. If we are out of an item, do not cry loudly across the bar, try something new and we hope you will come back to visit us again. 

Why all the Heavy Metal Rock and Roll stuff?

Rock and Roll ain't Noise Pollution. Rock and Roll aint gonna die. 



Any other questions just drop us a line below. Thank you. Smoke On.



Contact us for your next event or to book our private room -

 if you have questions feel free to drop us a line. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


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